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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bread: Issue 1, Spring 2011 (Wines)

Meet Laura Atherton, we are very pleased to have her as our resident wine advisor.

Each issue we will be giving her the difficult task of pairing wine with our recipes, some of which you might not think to normally serve with wine.

What best to drink with bread? Well, for some it maybe a cup of tea with toast or a glass of orange alongside your sandwich... Here are a few ideas of how to add a bit of luxury to this most common of carbs!

Freshly made Soda bread with butter (p.7).

- Try a glass of the Loosen Bros ‘Dr. L’ Riesling, 2009 which at only 8.5% abv. is a light, floral white that will compliment the heavy texture of the bread. It is an off dry wine with a refreshing crisp taste that will cool the mouth.

Cheese on Toast (p.29)

- My suggested match for the classic cheese on toast is the strong and gutsy Camden Park Malbec, 2009. This wine is from the heartland of Malbec production, Mendoza in Argentina, it is a full-bodied red with bold berry aromas that will work well with the strong flavours of the cheddar. The tannins in the Malbec will help break down the cheese adding further pleasure to this pairing.

Welsh Rarebit Canapés (p.30)

- I would recommend trying Crozes-Hermitage Le Millepertuis Maison Guyot, 2008. This 100% Syrah is a fresh

red with notes of herb and spice that will draw out the kick in the mustard. There are lots of damson and dark fruit tastes in this wine that make it very enjoyable, particularly when it meets the ale flavours.

Brown Bread Ice Cream (p.34)

- To make dessert extra special why not try a glass of Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut. This champagne has no sugar added to it in production giving it a dry, crisp style that will perfectly balance out the sweetness of the ice cream. It is an airy and delicate champagne with good length that leaves a clean palate and at only 60 calories a glass allows for a second helping of the ice cream!

Sasha’s sourdough with smoked salmon & cream cheese (p.11)

- Pouilly Fumé is my final recommendation. Try Les Chaumiennes A&E Figeat, 2009 made by family winemakers going back 6 generations. It is an elegant French Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley that has the characteristic smokiness of this appellation that will work hand in hand with the salmon. The crispness and light acidity will cut through the garlic

Get involved: What did you think of Laura’s choices? We’d love to hear from you. Email your thoughts, questions and ideas to you might even get your question in a future issue.

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