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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bread: Issue 1, Spring 2011 (Featured Deli)

Le Péché Mignon


This tucked away Islington gem really is a “cute sin”. It’s tiny -there’s only one large communal table in the main shop so, either head over to snap up a devilishly good chocolate brownie to scoff at home or have a rummage around the furniture shops on Holloway Road until they’ve got space for you.

Once you’ve got a seat, make sure you’ve brought an empty stomach. I’m sure you are going to want to order something in the region of, oh, erm EVERYTHING on the menu as loaded plates whiz by you to rest in front of that nice person who shuffled up to make room. When the sun comes out there is much more space outside in the garden. Sandwiched between Victorian residential properties and peppered with our favourite I-picked-this-up-in-Provence-last-summer items (like a small olive tree and packets of LU Petit Ecolier biscuits). LPM is fun & welcoming, however,

la patience est une vertue. The service isn’t super quick but perhaps we need learn to take our time when we go out for brunch and it is more than worth the wait. Try their bread selection s/w unsalted butter (of course) or their filled croissants groaning with melted cheese and ham. They serve double espressos just the way I like them; so strong I feel like it should be sliced and served under controlled conditions – love it.


Le Péché Mignon

6 Ronalds Road, London N5 1XH

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