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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bread: Issue 1, Spring 2011 (Letter from the Editor)

Welcome fellow foodies to the first ever issue of Cakes and Canapés zine.

What better way to kick off this new publication, than with that tasty and versatile staple - Bread.

It looks good, taste good and some believe that the smell of it can even sell a house!

Not all our contributors are as enthusiastic about the humble loaf. Luke Hayward (p.19) clearly isn’t a fan and our poets; Illustrator David Grinsted (p.18) and Actor Jayne Edwards (p.27) warn of overindulgence.

Don’t worry too much; we do still have lovers of the baked stuff here in abundance. None keener than Sasha Clarkson, Pembrokeshire, who Cakes and Canapés visited this Spring to get the low down on Sourdough and how to make it (p.11).

Laura Atherton (p.28) has come up trumps with the wine matches, not an easy task to pair a plonk with a slice of cheese on toast but she really knows her stuff!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Dan Lepard (p.25) for answering some silly questions. Thanks also to all our wonderful and generous contributors, without whom Cakes and Canapés would still be a doodle in a notebook.

We all hope you have a super time reading and baking. Do get in touch via the website or email - we’d love to hear what you think or how you get on with our recipes.

Loaves of love,

Miriam Nice



Cakes and Canapés will take you on a whistle-stop tour through one featured foodstuff each issue and aims to inspire you to get in that kitchen. Have a go at creating anything from a simple and foolproof homemade Cake to a lovingly laborious yet show-stopping Canapé and all the delicious wonders in between!

Inspired by the zines from our favourite illustrators and brimming with food related ideas, recipes, rants and opinions.

Each quarter we will work to produce a gorgeous black and white photocopied delight. There’ll be exciting recipes, helpful hints and tips and news from the hottest food peddlers, chefs, home cooks, bloggers and twitterers all brightened up with splashes of the hottest illustration we can lay our oven mitts on.

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